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Every donation matters. All funds received go directly into delivering our services and help keep NSPTRP viable. Please give what you can and know that you’re a part of changing a life, and saving a life.

Tax deductible donations can be made to:


BSB: 036-058 

Account Number: 026 718

The National Suicide Prevention & Trauma Recovery Project can only do its work with your support. We are volunteer run and our work is currently not – and has never been – funded by any state or federal government.

Along with a team of First Nations seasoned stalwarts, the NSPTRP has operated with the personal benevolence of Megan and Gerry as volunteers for four years, without any remuneration.

At this time, the NSPTRP has not lost anyone to suicide.

Megan prays this continues and asks for your support to help ensure it remains the critical lifeline to our most vulnerable people.

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If you’d like to fundraise on our behalf, please contact us to discuss how we can work together. As a small team, we don’t currently have any national initiatives but welcome any ideas and support to raise awareness and much needed funds.

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Many of us have skills that we don’t realise could help make a difference. If our vision speaks to you and you’d like to help, please contact us as we’re so very grateful for any volunteers who give time or services in kind to support our critical work.

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Corporate Partnerships

We interact with the community to bring about awareness. To educate and strive for exampling, inspirational deeds, and positive communication that leave an impactful legacy.

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How can you support our services?

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Our Vision

To change lives and save lives
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