The National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project has an unparalleled effective model which successfully reaches the critically vulnerable. We are grounded in seasoned expertise, reasoned compassion, unprecedented experientialism, with a salt of the earth approach of love and respect.

We have long worked extensively with the critically vulnerable to improve life circumstances, reduce or address socioeconomic and psychosocial stressors so as to change lives and save lives.

We focus on a three-prong approach which is effective and transformative.

One on One

With intensive one-one support, we unpack life stories and anxieties and provide through-care to replete once defeated people to self-determination and realistic independence.

Group photo of a First Nations family.

Family Support

We work substantively with family. In helping a family, we help everyone and inherently reduce all sorts of risks including future risks of tragedies and travesties.

Megan Krakouer is speaking into a microphone, in front of a crowd. Someone is holding a sign that says "Rights means 'remedies' not torture."

Community Education

We interact with the community to bring about awareness. To educate and strive for exampling, inspirational deeds, and positive communication that leave an impactful legacy.

The NSPTRP Service Supports

Two women hugging each other.

Can you support our services?

We’re always looking to add outreach workers to our volunteer support network.

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